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UK Online Driver Training Modules



uk online e-learning driver profiling risk assessment and training programme.


Defensive driver training provides benefits that stretch far beyond simply complying with Health and Safety legislation.

Our e-driver training system was developed by qualified fleet driver training specialists and takes a traditional in-vehicle defensive driver training course and places it online.

With high levels of interaction, the driver benefits from an excellent programme of training during which they participate in exercises which provide vital skills to reduce accidents, improve driving and cut maintenance costs and fuel usage.


  • A range of defensive driver training e-modules developed by qualified industry expert
  • The most comprehensive online driver training system
  • Proven to reduce accidents and reduce costs
  • Completely interactive covering all aspects of driving
  • Full management system
  • An online audit trail providing evidence that learning has taken place
  • Driver can log in and out of the system to conduct the learning at their own pace with question and answers with full explanations throughout


Our e-modules are available for the following classes of vehicle

  • Cars/light vans
  • Large Vans
  • HGV’s
  • Bus, Coach, Minibus


We can also create a dedicated vehicle policy testing module using your organisations documentation.  This means that you will have an auditable trail to demonstrate that your drivers have read and understand your driving policy.


If you do not currently have a driving policy please contact us and we will send you a sample policy that you can adapt to suit your needs.


Please ask to receive a demo logon or go to our demonstration page where you can try out the system of your choice.


For further infomation to discuss your needs please call Tel: +44 (0) 1452 347332 or email info@ukgrs.com