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In continuing support of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2010 - 2020 UK Global Road Safety offer for each client driver who logs into the Online Driver Assessment, Training, Profiling and Fleet Risk Mitigation Programme the opportunity for a family member to undertake the same training at no cost.

An organisation can suffer financial losses from third party crashes & injuries that have no bearing upon their own organisation.

If a spouse of one of your employees is injured in a road traffic crash that your organisation has no involvement in, you may find that your employee is required to stay off work to look after their family.

As a result of this your organisation will suffer losses for which you may be unable to claim any recompense.

To help overcome this we adopt a Paternal Approach to our driver training.


UK Global Road Safety has always believed that organisations benefit by providing driver training to their employees families (paternal approach).

Our online programme allows all those undergoing training to provide an opportunity to their spouse or family member to take the same online training at no cost.

This additional training programme session is not a diluted version; it is the full curriculum in its entirety.


Secondary Driver Details Form (adding a family member at no extra cost)

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