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On-line Driving Policy Testing



Our Online Policy Testing application is perhaps the easiest and most cost effective way for clients to eliminate a portion of their fleet’s risk. We can take a client’s written vehicle policy and convert it into a custom built training module that drivers can be tested on.



An Effective Risk Mitigation Solution

Despite organisations developing transport Health & Safety policies & deploying these in print & on their intranet many employees & senior management are unaware of their existence & importance. This can leave organisations open to increased exposure to liabilit & litigation.

By incorporating your organisations transport H&S within our Online Policy Testing Module you can ensure that all existing & new employees are fully conversant with this policy.


Policy Content:

The content of the policy testing module is down to your organisation to decide.

Along with expected content of such a document this is an opportunity to convey to employees that sanctions may exist for breach of organisations policy beyond that of the law. Employees risk losing jobs & risk suffering associated issues in losing their job.


This Online Policy Testing application is perhaps the easiest & most cost effective way for clients to eliminate exposure to liability from a portion of their fleet. As part of completing the module, drivers are asked to acknowledge that they have read and understand the policy and this information is stored for future reference.  Drivers are then required to answer multiple choice questions from a database  which are linked to the policy that has been approved by you, the client, which covers all aspects of your policy in detail.    

Administrators can use the Online Policy testing system’s full reporting capabilities to generate management summaries regarding this module like any other module. Implementing mandatory policy testing is an excellent way to ensure your entire fleet understands the organization’s fleet policy and procedures.     
Key Benefits:
  • Online Policy Testing eliminates a large portion of fleet risk by ensuring all drivers have read & understood your policy
  • Reduces your organisations fleet accident costs & liability exposure
  • Protects against negligence cases
  • An effective risk mitigation solution               


Sample Online Policy Test:  Please get in touch if you wish to receive a sample policy document.

After studying the document the driver will click that they have read the document & then undertake the training module.


For further infomation to discuss your needs please call Tel: +44 (0) 1452 347332 or email info@ukgrs.com or Contact Form