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Tread Lightly - ECO Driver Training Programme

ECO Driver Training E-Learning Online Programmes Fuel Efficency


Tread Lightly A Proactive Approach ECO Driver Training:

With the cost of fuel continuing to rise & causing a major concern to many organisations, the benefits of providing either on-road ECO Driver Training or an holistic approach combining both on-line E-Learning and on-road driver training can vastly improve fuel savings, improve whole life vehicle costs.


Additionally such training will have an influence and benefit employees in their private motoring. When our E-Learning on-line ECO Training package is utilised as part of an holistic approah all employees using the programme can assign the ECO Training to a member of their family.


Duration of this coure is flexible and can meet the needs of the organisation. However, the ideal format would be Theory Session of around 1 to 1.5 hours followed by on road coaching and assessments. Driver to trainer ratios for on-road element ideally should be 2:1 to allow passive learning to take place.


E-Learning ECO Training Modules:

Our E-Learning ECO Driver Training Modules are manually assigned either as a stand alone or part of a suite of programmes in our online driver training programme (see Programme Packages).


ECO Training Modules                                                                                                                              
  'The Fuel Efficient ECO Attitude' -  (Targets driver attitude)
  'Managing Emmisons on the Road' -  (On the road technique)
  'ECO Driving Trip Preparation' -  (Pre-trip preparation techniques)


Tread Lightly Course Content (click + to view)

  • Theory session (Content)
    • ​Company policy
    • Vehicle loading
    • Use of brakes & gears
    • Spatial awareness
    • Forward planning
    • Escape routes
    • Route planning
      • ​Use of navigation equipment
  • Practical On-Road (Content)
    • Licence checking
    • Eyesight checks
    • Pre-drive vehicle checks (ECO Orientated)
    • ECO Coaching
      • Planning to keep moving
      • Use of gears & brakes
      • Observation & anticipation
      • Space management
      • Use of ancillary equipment

The above is the content and general format of the Tread Lightly ECO Driver Training Programme.

For further information reagrding this programme please contact our office: Tel: +44 (0) 1452 347332 or +44 (0) 844 9106255