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ECO Driver Training Return on Investment (ROI)

Online Driver Training & Assessments - Eco Driver Training Modules
The efficacy of our Online Driver Profiling, Assessment & Training Risk Programme is well proven. Clients have routinely seen a 30 to 40% reduction in collisions/crashes along with a reduction in the severity of these collisions. This results in a significant reduction in injuries, large cost savings & lower liability exposure. This represents an exceptional Return on Investment.

This impressive ROI can also be experienced within the individual ECO modules.

In a clinical on road training environment ECO training can achieve 12% to 15% fuel savings. However, organisations need to be realistic about this and consider the longer term when drivers no longer have an assessor alongside them. In this real driving environment a saving of between 7% & 10% is realistic.

This is where the benefits of our online ECO modules come into their own.


Online ECO Driving Modules (Click + to view)

ECO Driving Modules
'The Fuel Efficient ECO Attitude' (Targets driver attitude) Online E-learning ECO Driver Assessment & Training
'Managing Emissions on the Road' (On the road techniques)
'ECO Driving Trip Preparation' (Pre-Trip preparation techniques)
By using the data relating to your organisations fleet & aiming to achieve between 5 & 10% fuel savings the cost of training your fleet is more than covered by the savings in fuel.

To see data relating to return on investment from undertaking a specific ECO training program please use the ECO ROI calculator below to see potential returns on investment

Information Relating to Data Input & Results (Click + to view)

Input Field: Notes:        Client Input Field - Results Field
  Number of Drivers

The number of drivers within your fleet.

  Miles driven per driver                                                                  This relates to the average number of miles driven by your fleet drivers.
  Current cost of Fuel (litre) The cost per driver to undertake a comprehensive online ECO driver training program.
  Average fuel consumption (mpg) Estimated average fuel consumption per driver in MPG
  Cost of running a program

The per driver cost of the program.

For a stand alone 3 ECO modules around £25.00

For full Hazard Perception with auto assigned modules & ECO modules pre-assigned between ££50.00

  Target reduction in fuel costs The fuel savings that you would like to achieve. Be realistic on this in the real driving environment between 7 & 10% can be expected. 
  Total Fleet Miles The total number of miles driven by your fleet. Calculated on the data you have input.
  Total Program Cost The total program cost to your organisation.
  Potential Savings The total potential savings if ECO training were undertaken.
  Return on Investment % Savings made after undertaking online ECO training.