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UK Global Road Safety Ltd - Quality Assurance


UK Global Road Safety quality assurance policy is based on principles and values provided for in the Company Mission, strategy and goals.

UK Global Road Safety partnership pursues the following goals in quality assurance

  • Strict compliance of the company’s services with international, national, and corporate standards and requirements.
  • Responsibility to customers for the quality of the services rendered.
  • Cost efficiency of the services as compared with other companies operating in the market.
  • Development and implementation of new services that fully satisfy our customers’ needs.
  • Continuous monitoring of complaints and claims from customers, and aim to maintain these at zero.
  • Positioning of the company as engaging staff & front line assessors & trainers capable of delivering & providing services of high quality.



ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assurance E-learning Online Driver Training & Fleet Risk Assessments

The strategy for achieving the goals is the following:

  • Focus on the process management model & continuous improvement of the company services (in accordance with the market requirements).
  • The QMS development, implementation, and maintenance in conformity with ISO 9001 international standards. Certification to 9001: 2008.
  • Satisfaction of customers’ requirements to all services. Fulfilment of the customers’ requirements within the shortest periods of time, ensuring highest quality.
  • Understanding of the customer needs, their present and future specific requirements.
  • Continuous cooperation with customers in order to understand their needs.
  • Transparency – customers obtain access to information on the quality of the services.
  • Priority of quality issues in “personnel – technology – organization” chain.
  • Strict quality assurance procedures at all stages of the services life cycle, well-defined personnel responsibility for quality assurance.
  • Primary focus on prevention of a possible decrease in quality rather than on measures to restore the quality level.
  • Consistent training of all personnel in the sphere of quality, each employee’s participation in services improvement, rewards for quality improvement.