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Online Driver Training Modules

Online elearning driver training profiling assessments fleet risk management 

This Online E-Learning Defensive Driver Training Programme has been designed to address and help mitigate an organisations top crash causes. Each Training Module targets common driver errors. Training modules can be either manually assigned or are auto-assigned from the results of the Risk Assessment Programme with each Training Module is designed to take approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

Note that modules can also be purchased as stand alone & independent from the Hazard Perception Auto Assigned aspect. 

Below is a sample layout and list of Driver Training Modules for the United Kingdom & the rest of the world.

* Indicates Global Content


Training Modules (Click + to Expand)

United Kingdom - Defensive Driving Training Modules
Speeding Seatbelts & Airbags  Car Parks & Reversing 

Driving in Adverse
Weather Conditions 

Failure to Give Way 
Escape Routes  Distractions  Lane Changing 
Fatigue   Safe Motorway Driving Roundabouts 
Alcohol, Drugs & Driving  Large Trucks  Night Driving 
Pedestrians & Cyclists

Road Works
(Not assigned by HP)

Rural Road
(Not assigned by HP)

Global -  Defensive Driving Training Modules
Seatbelts * Big Trucks   Intersection Problems
Intersection Solutions *   Deadly Distractions *  Speeding *
 Lane Changes *  ABS Escape Routes * 
 Weather Conditions  Auto Theft Road Rage 
 Gas Consumption  Vehicle Maintenance DUI Consequences 
Drowsy Driving* (Fatigue)   Safe Business Travel Safe Freeway Driving * 
Avoiding Deer Collisions   SUVs, Trucks * Minivans  Night Driving
Fail-to-Yield Collisions *  Defensive Parking Strategies  Parking Lots & Backing 
 Defensive Backing Strategies The Defensive Driver  Roundabouts * 
   Fuel Efficient Driving   
Fuel Efficient Driving (ECO-Driving)
USA - Service Vehicle Training Modules
 Speeding & Braking  Adverse Weather Intersection & Turning 
 Non-Moving Vehicle Injuries  Service Vehicle Maintenance

Physical Characteristics
& Driver Distractions 

Defensive Backing & Parking 

Escape Routes & Space

 Lane Changes & Passing
USA - Commercial Truck Training Modules   
The Professional Defensive Driver  Hazard Avoidance  Emergency Maneuvers
Proper Use of Mirrors  Adverse Weather  Slips, Trips, Falls & Back Injuries 
Drowsy Driving (Fatigue) Defensive Backing Techniques Commercial Truck Speeding
 Failure to Yield Safe Freeway Driving  Safety Navigating Intersections
Deadly Distractions                          Safe Lane Changes
USA - Large Passenger Van Training Modules
Van Safety 1                                       Van Safety 2
* Global content available (some of the modules available globally may not be in all countries)