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Driver Risk Assessment


This online E-learning programme is of a modular design that allows the selection of various modules from basic entry to a comprehensive holistic package to allow organisations to manage the risk their drivers face on the road.

The programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce thier exposure to risk on the road.

ECO Driver Training E-Learning Online Programmes


Hazard Perception (Risk Assessment):


This High Definition Driver Hazard Perception application is used to assess a driver's risk level based on their ability to identify actual and potential dangerous driving situations that occur on our roads.


This Hazard Perception program provides a key indicator of a drivers propensity to be involved in a crash or collision.


A driver will undertake the assessment programme and be awarded a risk evaluation as follows, Low, Medium or High.


From the results of this an organisation can then evaluate what next steps they wish to initiate for any driver based on thresholds that they have set.


For example drivers who fall into a medium group may be required to undertake the auto assigned training modules of this programme (detailed next) while High Risk Drivers may be required to online and on-road driver training.


An organisation will need to have a policy in place so that they are in a position to provide training and support for drivers who are identified as High Risk.


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