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Risk Assessment with Auto Assigned Training Modules (HP+Auto)

This combined aspect of the programme allows an organisation to undertake risk assessments and then have the identified training modules auot assigned to the driver Training Curriculumn.

The programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce thier exposure to risk on the road.

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HP with Auto

The HP wtih Auto provides an organisation the opportunity to both assess their drivers and have pertinent training modules auto assigned to their individual driver training curriculum.

Along with this aspect of the programme an organisation may elect to have any of the extensive driver training modules manually assigned to either a group of drivers or an individual driver.

Manually assigned modules may also include non auto assigned modules such as the ECO Driver, Motorised Two Wheelers, and the Policy Testing module.


All training modules take approximately 20 minutes to complete and upon completion the driver will be able to undertake the Theory Test associated with the module with a pass mark set at 80%.

Reviewing the results of the training module will allow the driver to see both their strengths and weakness.

Once a driver has undertaken and completed an assigned training module it is held on their curriculum, allowing them to review the module but not to retake.



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