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Global - Means Global Coverage & Localised Content

Global Online Driver Assessments, Training & Fleet Risk Mitigation

Global Reach:

Currently UK Global Road Safety offer Online Driver Assessments, Training and Fleet Risk Miigation in over 67 countries and over 100 languages.


What Does Global Reach Actually Mean?

UK Global Road Safety's Online Driver Training Programme meets & exceeds the minimum requirments of a localised global training programme as described below.

If you wish to view our programme please contact us & arrange a free demonstration.


Global Criteria:

  • Filmed in country in high definition video format
    • Filmed on location of end user use in high definiton live road traffic environments.
  • Language
    • Language specific to the country of end user use
    • ​For example we use 4 Spanish language versions & 9 English language versions.
    • This is due to the wide variations in primary languages dependent upon end user country
    • For example in the UK we talk about Roundabouts & in South Africa they refer to them as circles
  • Localised Rules
    • Local rules & regulations are referred to throughout video clips, theory questions & training modules
    • For example in Poland posted speed limits may vary from daytime to night time
    • In Norway headlights must be on at all times while driving
  • ​Imagery
    • ​Respect for the programe, enhanced learning & knowledge retention is enhanced when real loclaised in country video footage is used.


​For a full list of current countries covered please call our office Tel: +44 (0) 1452 346283