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Return on Investment

ROI: E-Learning Online Driver Assessment & Training Programme


The efficacy of this Online Driver Profiling Assessment & Training Risk Programme is well proven. Clients have routinely seen a 30 to 40% reduction in collisions/crashes along with a reduction in the severity of these collisions. This results in a significant reduction in injuries, large cost savings & lower liability exposure. This represents an exceptional Return on Investment.


This in turn results in significant reduction in injuries, increase in cost savings & reduced liability exposure. Along with enhanced public image for your organisation.

To see potential results for your organisation relating to return on investment from undertaking such training please use the calculator below to see potential returns on investment.


Information Relating to Data Input & Results (Click + to view)

Input Field: Notes:        Client Input Field - Results Field
  Collision Rate

Based on your companies audit of fleet collision rate.
In general companies with 500 plus vehicles can expect a 20% collision rate.

  Target Cost Reduction                                                                  This relates to the reduction in collisions/crashes that may be achieved. You can vary this input as you feel appropriate. Note above 30% figure.
  Average Program Cost Per Driver The cost per driver to undertake a comprehensive online program.
  APMM Accidents/Crashes per million miles. The industry standard means of measuring a companies accident/crash rate. The higher the APPM the higher the rate.
  Average cost per collision The average cost of a vehicle collision based on UK data
  Total Potential Cost Savings The total potential savings if all collisions could be avoided.
  Target Cost Savings Savings made after undertaking online training. 
  Total Program Cost  Overall cost of undertaking online driver training. 
  Return on Investment % return on initial investment.





UK Global Road Safety - Return on Investment Calculator

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Collision rate %
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Accidents Per Million Miles (APMM) is an industry standard that is used to measure a fleet's accident rate - the higher the APMM, the higher accident rate.

Typically, the following standards are used.


Above 7HIGH
Between 7 - 5MEDIUM
Below 5LOW