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This Online Driver Assessment, Training & Risk Mitigation Programme is the global leader in fully integrated web-based fleet risk management solutions. Clients routinely generate extraordinary Return on Investement (ROI) results along with crash/collision reduction of 30% + using our Fleet Risk Management platform, which maintains the largest global footprint in the industry.


Reasons this programme is the Global Leader

  • Immediate availability/rollout in 67 countries in over 100 languages
  • Genuine localised content in terms of locally accepted languages, localised content with regard to video footage scenes
  • Browser based rather than Intranet based
  • Auditable trail of assessments & training undertaken
  • Modular based
  • Allows targeting of training budgets rather than a costly ineffective blanket approach
  • Coninually developed at no cost to clients

Online driver risk assessments, also known as driver profiling, are by far the most efficient & effective method of identifying driver risk & meeting vital health & safety requirements.

Many organisations face a genuine dilemma when considering a risk assessment of their drivers. They know it's a legal obligation that has to be fulfilled but at time can be costly & difficult to manage.

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UK Global Road Safety - Online Driver Training Programme


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