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UK Online Driver Profiling

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online e-learning driver risk assessment and training programme.




Online E-Learning Driver Risk Assessments, also known as driver profiling, are by far the most efficient and effective method of identifying driver risk and meeting vital health and safety requirements.


Our driver profiling/risk assessment system is proven to accurately identify the risk posed by company vehicle drivers.


  • Drivers are taken through a 4 stage assessment covering Attitude, Knowledge, Concentration & Observation, and Hazard Perception.
  • This is an online assessment which means that the systems are completely objective and impartial.
  • Drivers receive an immediate risk rating the moment they finish showing an overall rating and their rating in each of the 4 core competencies.
  • Drivers also receive a certificate stating their Risk Rating – High – Medium or Low.
  • Fleet managers log into a dedicated management section to view driver results, which provides an overall risk rating plus a rating against each of the 4 core competencies.
  • The system is available with the answers (and explanations) revealed or hidden. This means you can decide whether you would like to provide training during the assessment, or treat it purely as a test.


Any assessment is just that, you will discover the areas of risk in your business, UKGRS recommend that you mitigate any identified risks by following the assessment with a range of training modules.


Our driver profiling is available for the following classes of vehicle

  • Cars/light vans
  • Large Vans
  • HGV’s
  • Bus, Coach, Minibus


Please ask to receive a demo logon or go to our demonstration page where you can try out the system of your choice.


For further infomation to discuss your needs please call Tel: +44 (0) 1452 347332 or email info@ukgrs.com