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Benefits of E-Learning online Driver Assessment & Training


UK Global Road Safety offer the best in E-learning Online and on-road defensive driver training programmes; we have earned a deserved reputation for the service and commitment levels we give to our clients.


Our goal is to assist organisations in reducing their on-road risk factor whilst at the same time reducing fleet running costs. This is particulary relevent to organisations with a global presence who need a global E-Learning Defensive Driver Training solution with integrity.


We achieve this through carefully listening to your reasons for implementing a training programme along with your aims and objectives, and only then do we provide you with a solution to meet your needs. This means that you get a programme that will enable you to achieve your objectives and not an off the shelf solution.


Online Elearing Defensive Driver Assessments & Training - Available Globally in 65 countries in 70 languages.
The E-learning online defensive driver assessment & training programme is state of the art and a global leader in its field with a modular design to suit all needs, whilst our extensive range of behind the wheel courses are delivered by a team of hand-picked, highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable trainers, which means that you can mix and match our solutions for the best overall service available.
Cost benefit analysis of e-learning online driver training


Organisations using the E-Learning online defensive driver training programme have seen dramatic benefits, for example one company wanted a programme that would reduce collisions and increase liability protection.


They focused their training budget on assessing each driver in six core safe driving categories via the E-learning on-line defensive driver assessment Hazard Perception Evaluation with automatically assigned targeted online driver training modules that addressed each driver's specific deficiencies.


Outstanding results were achieved with the programme as collisions were down by 63% compared to the previous year. Just as important, the Client experienced much fewer personal injury claims and its liability exposure was also lowered.


Another global organisation wanted a bespoke programme to address the needs of Spanish speaking drivers in Central and South America.


They implemented programme consisted of 12 defensive driver-training modules for each participating country.


The programme was launched 12 days after the client committed.  Participation was outstanding with 100% of drivers undergoing training and only 1.2% not completing all 12 modules, which resulted in a reduction in collisions of 65%.


95% of participants said that they would recommend the programme.

Crash reduction through e-learning online driver training and assessments
98% said they learned something new, or recalled something that they had forgotten about safe driving.