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Below you will find some of the more frequently asked questions from both a corporate and individual perspective. These may help you understand and answer some queries you may have.

However, we always welcome calls on any issues you may have.

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What is the benefit of undertaking training modules over a longer period of time?

By restricting how frequently drivers can undertake their auto assigned driver training the training programme and the dissemination of information is extended. You will find that staff will often undertake research or discuss issues that have been raised in the training modules.

When drivers have completed their assessment/training can they review strength or weakness?

Yes, when drivers have undertaken training modules they can review their strengths and weaknesses. If a driver fails a module they can either revisit and review the training module and then re-take the theory questions. Drivers are not penalised for the number of times taken to pass a training module.

Some of our drivers are not very computer literate, would this be a problem?

No, the programme only requires individuals to move a mouse & click an appropriate area. All sections of the programme have practice questions to all individuals to become familiar with how it works before undertaking any assessments.

Are some drivers at an advantage if they are an experienced computer gamer?

No, there is no advantage in being an experienced computer gamer when undertaking this programme. The process requires that the user identifies the pertinent hazard within the timescales. This removes the opportunity for a gamer to rhytmically click or click every possible hazard they may see. A driver requires the same skill & attitude set regardless of gaming ability.

Some of our employees do not have an email address. How do we manage these individuals?

Where this situation occurs we will forward access codes & passwords to a nominated contact who can then pass these on to those individuals. However, where this happens all future emails generated by the system will be sent to this intial email address unless it is changed.

How many drivers can take the training at the same time?

As many as have access to a computer with internet access, this is the only limit.

Does the training need to be taken in our offices?

No, provided the participant has access to a computer with an internet connection they can take the training in any location. The system is accessed via any web browser.

What if I have a slow broadband connection?

 At times broadband connections can slow down due to many issues beyond the control of the user. If you experience this allow a short time before you commence playing the video clip to allow the video to buffer (Buffering means the program is reading ahead of what you are watching, that way if a program was streaming something from the internet and you hit a slow download speed, hopefully the buffer should allow the video/audio file to play without any skips).

Are final certificates issued relating to the country in which the training is taken?

Yes, the final certificates that are available to be printed upon completion of the assigned training modules relate to the country and language in which the training was undertaken.

Is there a need to upload programmes or software to our intranet system?

No, as the HP assessment and training programmes are held on remote secure independent servers access is by any computer with web browser capability this is not required.

How do we avoid drivers undertaking all auto assigned training in one sitting?

Assigned training modules can be set with agreement with an organisation to be taken weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. This avoids the tick box syndrome where training is undertaken in one sitting. This method of pulse learning ensures increased retention of information as the training is spread over weeks or months.

Is it possible to re-assign unused access codes to other staff if we have staff turnover?

Yes, provided the access code has not been used to commence assessment/training the code can be re-assigned to other staff either by your own administrator or ourselves.

We just want to carry out driver assessments, is this possible?

Yes, the Hazard Perception Evaluation contains an interactive Highway Code section and will assess drivers using low, medium and high risk categories. Each participant receives a detailed report on their result and a certificate.

Can we pre-select training modules specifically for our organisation?

Yes, this modular approach means that modules can be purchased as stand alone units. Please see the modules list http://www.uk-global-roadsafety.com/online_driver_training_modules.php

How long does the training take?

The Hazard Perception and Highway Code will take approximately 25 minutes. Each auto assigned training module will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

What happens if a driver fails to achieve the pass mark at the end of the module testing?

The driver can take as many attempts as necessary to achieve the pass mark of 80% there is an option to either re-take the test again or undergo the training module and then re-sit the test.

How do we ensure the drivers undertake the training programme?

The administration system will send email reminders to each driver when their training modules are due to be taken.

How do we assign training to a family member at no extra cost?

A family member can be assigned the same level of training as undertaken by a staff member by inputting the family members email address. From this the same style of logon details will be provided. http://www.uk-global-roadsafety.com/paternal_approach_to_roadsafety.php

We have overseas divisions; can you offer the same level of training for these areas?

The programme is available in over 65 countries and 70 languages, all containing local footage along with localised languages. Each module has been designed through the assistance of local driver educationalists and professionals within each country. Please see the global footprint: http://www.uk-global-roadsafety.com/global_footprint.php

Can a large organisation manage & indentify  individual regions & divisions?

Yes. The White Label option will allow your organisation to manage and identify individual regions, divisions and individuals within these.