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System Requirements

Online driver training profiling assessments fleet risk management             
To ensure that you are able to view all aspects of our Global Online Driver Assessment & Training system and the programme runs efficiently please review these specifications prior to logging in:


 Network & System Requirements

  Minimum Requirements:  Recommended Requirements: 
Software:  Microsoft Windows 2000 Microsoft Windows Xp 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 
Firefox 2.x

Adobe Flash Player 8.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Firefox 3.x
Chrome 2.0 or higher

Adobe Flash Player 8.0


Our application requires the use of the latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader. Both of these can be downloaded by clicking on the links shown if they are not already installed on your system.


Intel Pentium II  450MHz

AMD Athlon 600MHz or faster processor or equivalent

Sound card & speakers/headphones are required

128MB of RAM

Intel Pentium 4 2.33GHz

AMD Athlon 64 2800+ processor (or equivalent)

Sound card & speakers/headphones are required

512MN of RAM

Connectivity:   56K Modem  Cable/DSL Broadband 

The profiling system will operate under a dial-up connection. However for the most effective experience it is recommended that you access the system via an ADSL or Broadband connection to ensure that all areas of the assessment load quickly. Video clips will download immediately pages are opened and prior to requiring the clips.

  • Our application does not stream media and does not have a minimum bandwidth requirement. However, bandwidth will determine how long a user will have to wait to download media files in between questions. Each question in the modules are about 15MB and HP is about 30MB. A 768kbps connection will download 15MB in about 2.5 minutes and 30MB in about 5 minutes.
  • Since the application is downloaded before it is run, latency should not be a significant factor when running the program (assuming the client is using a high speed internet connection capable of handling a reasonable amount of load).
  • Bandwidth is a more important statistic to pay attention to as that will dictate how fast the media files download. As a recommendation, a response time up to 250ms latency should still provide acceptable performance for the application (approximate dial-up modem latency).

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