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ECO Online -E-learning Driving Training:

This programme of 3 20-minute modules is designed to help drivers understand the ethos and apply the priciplaes of ECO driving. The modules cover attitude, habits through to how to reduce fuel consumption. This programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce their fuel costs and emissions.

ECO Driver Training E-Learning Online Programmes Fuel Efficency


ECO Online Driver Training:

For organisations reducing fleet running costs is a major concern, adopting this ECO programme can contribute to improving profit margins.

This programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce their fuel costs and emissions.


The modules in this ECO Driving Programme are:

The ECO Attitude

This module teaches drivers that fuel efficient driving behaviours reduce emissions and have personal benefits. Drivers will learn how moods and habits affect their driving style and how to adjust driving habits to improve fuel efficiency.


ECO Trip Preparation

This module teaches drivers how to think about their trip before leaving and to plan to make it more fuel-efficient. Once completed, drivers will understand the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, solutions to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions and how improper trip planning can lead to increased fuel consumption.


Managing Emissions on the Road

This module teaches drivers how to reduce emissions by following safe driving techniques. Participants can expect to learn about factors that increase fuel use on the road, how to take advantage of eco-driving opportunities and tips to improve fuel consumption.


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