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Hazard Perception Module


This High Definition Hazard Perception application is used to assess a driver's risk level based on their ability to identify actual and potential dangerous driving situations that occur on our roads.

ThisHazard Perception program provides a key indicator of a drivers propensity to be involved in a crash or collision.

E-learning Online Driver Training Fleet Risk Management

The client will experience a seriesof twenty HD real-life traffic scenarios after which they will be required to answer 28 multiple-choice questions relating to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. The scenarios present the driver with a view through the front windscreen from the driver's seat, as well as real time rear view & external mirror perspectives (see example above), which captures the experience of driving in the real world.

Following the Hazard Perception Evaluation the trainee may be automatically assigned training modules to mitigate the identifed risk. To view training module information Click Here.


Hazard Perception (click to view sample screen)

E-learning Online Driver Assessment and training

Assesses Driver's Performance in Six Core Areas


Key Benefits:
E-learning online driver assessments core competencies
  • Identifies a driver's propensity for incident involvement
  • Proactive system that prescribes a targeted training regime
  • Utilises a complex alogrithm evaluates no of attempts & answers to theory questions
  • Calibrates driver's score & automatically assigns specific corrective modules based on drivers' deficiencies
  • Risk identification & mitigation in one solution
Passenger Vehicles, Commercial Trucks & Medium Duty Vocational Trucks.


Sample Theory Question Training Module

Click to view sample theory question module.

Driver Theory Questions (Online Driver Assessment Fleet Mitigation Training)




This 10 question Driver Theory Question Tess is pulled from a pool of 20 questions for and appear for in a random order each time they are displayed.

This ensures that each individual user receives and individual experience.

Pass marks for each module can be agreed and set individually.

Please click below to see a sample question.

You will see an image, a written question and 4 possible answers to this question.

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