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On-line Fleet Risk Assessments for the UK & Worldwide Road Safety - Everyone's Business


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Customers and clients may purchase online any of our standard online e-learning programmes by using the links below.

If you wish to purchase in bulk please contact our office to discuss discounts available.

All online training programmes includes complimentary access at the same level for another family member. 

All a user needs to do is to add the complimentary users email address, an invitation is then sent to the invitee.


  Driver Risk Assessment - Review Product   Driver Risk Assessment + Auto Assigned Training - Review Product  
  This High Definition Driver Risk Assessment application is used to assess a driver's risk level based on their ability to identify actual and potential dangerous driving situations that occur on our roads.This Hazard Perception program provides a key indicator of a drivers propensity to be involved in a crash or collision.   This Driver Risk Assessment + Training Modules adds training modules that help mitigate the identied risk from the Driver Risk Assessment element, Each Training Module is auto assigned from the Driver Risk Assesssment and is designed to take approximately 15 - 20 minutes.  
  Online E-Learning Driver Risk Assessment   Online E-Learning Driver Risk Assessment and Training  
  ECO Driver Training Modules - Review Product   Two Wheel Power Vehicle Training - Review Product  
  This programme of 3 20-minute modules is designed to help drivers understand the ethos and apply the priciplaes of ECO driving. The modules cover attitude, habits through to how to reduce fuel consumption. This programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce their fuel costs and emissions.   This programme of five 20-minute modules have been created specifically for motorised two-wheel riders, it is designed to reduce the risk of these road users and provide clients with a more diverse set of training modules for their global fleet. This programme is also ideal for individuals who wish to reduce their risks whilst riding their two-wheeler whether as a commuter or pleasure rider.  
  Online E-Learning ECO Driver Training   Online E-Learning Motorised Two Wheeler Training