The most dangerous places to drive in Britain

MPs have ‘named and shamed’ councils with the worst road safety records in a bid to end the postcode lottery of casualties and cut the toll of deaths and injuries on the nation’s roads.

But this alone may not be enough to end the carnage, says a new report today by Parliamentary watchdogs.

At a time of tightening  budgets and cuts – and a decision by Government to abandon setting specific road safety ‘targets’ – ministers must now show  ‘stronger leadership and a clearer vision,’ it says.

It comes in the wake of ‘shocking’ recent casualty  figures which revealed the first increase in road fatalities since 2003, with 1,901 people killed on the roads.

But today’s report by MPs highlights huge discrepancies in the casualty rate reductions  around the country  – even among councils with similar backgrounds and budgets, in what road safety campaigners term a road safety ‘postcode lottery.’









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